Hot Point PTAC R32 Heat Pump 42" Heat/Cool 9000 BTU - 230/208 Volt 15 Amps

Manufacturer: GE
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Product Overview

Hotpoint PTAC air conditioning units are renowned for their straightforward installation process—simply remove the existing unit and effortlessly slide in the replacement! The Hotpoint AH12H09D2B PTAC unit is supplied with a 15 amp, 208/230 volt power cord as standard. While new installations necessitate a grille and wall sleeve, existing ones may adequately support the replacement PTAC unit. With an extensive legacy as a frontrunner in the appliance and comfort control sectors, Hotpoint ensures dependability and efficiency.

As an owner or operator, you benefit from temperature limiting options that enable you to select from four different ranges, ensuring optimum comfort and peak efficiency. Hotpoint also incorporates an Intuitive Display feature, facilitating easy customization of settings through its user-friendly control panel. Soft touch pads streamline temperature adjustments, while indicator lights and an LCD display provide clear visibility of current settings and temperatures, which can be shown in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

For maintenance and troubleshooting convenience, Hotpoint integrates a nine-point diagnostic code system, simplifying the identification of service requirements. In the event of power interruptions, Hotpoint PTAC units feature Auto Power Recovery, automatically restarting in the previous operational mode. Additional features include Freeze and Frost Protection mechanisms to maintain optimal unit condition. A sensor on the indoor coil monitors coil temperatures, pausing compressor operation until coils warm, with continued fan operation during this period.

Standard features of Hotpoint PTAC units also include remote thermostat capability, centralized desk control for streamlined management, easily removable filters for maintenance ease, and a tangential fan design for quiet and efficient airflow.

The AH12H09D2B model is a versatile cooling unit equipped with a reverse cycle heat pump and electric backup heat. With a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTUs and 8,100 BTUs from the heat pump, it achieves an 11.4 EER rating and 3.4 COP, ensuring efficient operation across diverse climate conditions. The 15 amp power cord provides 2.5 kW of electric backup heat, complementing its cooling prowess.

Meeting the stringent standards for use in California and Washington, the AH12H09D2B PTAC unit is an ideal choice for dependable, efficient, and user-friendly climate control solutions. For new installations, ensure to include a rear grille and wall sleeve to seamlessly complete the setup.

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