Sparkle Supreme 12" x 12" 86/14 Cotton Polyester Wash Cloth With Cam Border Bale Pack 1 lb

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$3.59 /dozen

Product Overview

An exceptional combination of quality and durability at an excellent value, this 12" x 12" wash cloth! Crafted from premium 100% 2-ply cotton yarns, it's an ideal choice for hotels, pools, resorts, and spas seeking excellence. Designed with a thick terry pile, it excels in areas where absorbency is paramount. Elevate your guests' experience by prioritizing their cleanliness and comfort with this lavish wash cloth.. So, it's perfect for showing that cleanliness and comfort are important to you! Communicate that cleanliness and comfort is a top priority by supplying this wash cloth!

Weight              :  1 lb per dozen, medium weight wash cloth
Material            :  86% cotton/14% polyester blend for durability
Packaging        :  50 Dozen/Bale
Size                   :  12" x 12" hotel wash cloth
Design              :  Cam Border
Color                 :  White