Economy Blue Center Stripe Pool Towel 24" x 48" Pack Bale 8 lb

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$26.19 /dozen

Product Overview

Economy Blue Center Stripe 24" x 48" blue 100% cotton stripe pool towel 8 lb. combines excellent quality and value. The 100% cotton design is a great option for those who want longevity out of their product. Washing is super simple with this item and requires little to no extra care, making it perfect for motels, hotels, and rental properties. Towels will be left looking pristine for guests even after many washes due to their durability. 

The single stripe of color provides a clean look with a twist of color, perfect to elevate any atmosphere. The blue stripe can help you color code your establishment to fit your needs and will work great alongside any prior decor. In addition, the minimal color makes fading from outside conditions and frequent washing less noticeable, lessening towel replacement necessities and saving you money.

Weight                 :  8 lb per dozen, medium weight wash cloth
Material               :  100% cotton
Packaging           : 1.5 lbs/dozen
Size                      :  24" x  48" hotel Pool Towel
Design                 :  Blue Center Stripe
Color                   :  White/Blue