Friedrich KWIKQA Window Mount Installation kit for Kuhl+ series - For use with EQ models

$59.99 /Each

Product Overview

The FriedrichLink WiFi adapter offers enhanced convenience and control for Friedrich KUHL air conditioners, allowing users to remotely manage their cooling systems from anywhere with a WiFi connection. By simply installing the FriedrichLink WiFi adapter and downloading the associated app, users gain the ability to adjust settings, program schedules, and monitor their KUHL units effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Remote Control Capability:

    • Enables remote operation of Friedrich KUHL air conditioners via the FriedrichLink app.
    • Users can turn the system on/off, adjust temperature settings, and make programming changes remotely.
  • Convenient Installation:

    • Easy plug-in installation for quick setup and connectivity to existing Friedrich KUHL units.
    • No complex wiring required, ensuring straightforward integration with compatible air conditioning units.
  • Enhanced Comfort Control:

    • Eliminates the need to return to a hot or cold home after extended periods away, such as vacations or long workdays.
    • Allows for real-time adjustments to maintain desired comfort levels based on changing environmental conditions.
  • Multi-Unit Management:

    • Capability to link multiple KUHL units together within the FriedrichLink app.
    • Manage and control each unit individually or collectively, providing flexibility in managing climate control across different rooms or areas.
  • Compatibility and Requirements:

    • Each Friedrich KUHL unit requiring remote control capabilities will need its own FriedrichLink WiFi adapter.
    • Compatible with Friedrich KUHL air conditioners equipped with the necessary interface for the WiFi adapter.


The FriedrichLink WiFi adapter for KUHL air conditioners enhances user convenience by allowing remote control and management through a smartphone or tablet. Whether adjusting settings for comfort upon returning home or scheduling operations for energy efficiency, this adapter provides flexibility and ease of use. Ideal for homeowners seeking to integrate smart technology into their cooling systems, it ensures comfort control is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

With its simple installation and robust functionality, the FriedrichLink WiFi adapter extends the usability and effectiveness of Friedrich KUHL air conditioners, making it a valuable addition for modern home climate control needs.

Attribute nameAttribute value
universal group
Turn UnitOn / Off
Adjust Schedule & SettingYes
WiFi ReadyYes
Easy Plug inYes