Amana Ptac 15000 Btu Elec Heat 230v/30 Amp

Manufacturer: Amana PTAC

Product Overview


The PTC153J50AXXX is for residential and commercial use with 208 / 230-volt electricity. This unit offers 14,900 / 14,800 BTUs of cooling power and a 5.0 kW electric heater, providing approximately 14,000 / 17,100 BTUs of electric backup heat. It also includes a 30-amp power cord. The new series of Amana PTACs are equipped with RF and Bluetooth connectivity but do require a wall thermostat to operate the unit. The Amana PTC153J50AXXX PTAC features an EER of 10.4 / 10.3 and will cool a space that is about 450 - 575 sq. ft. The "J" Series units available in the Amana line use R32 refrigerant. R32 is up to 12% more efficient than R410A, resulting in lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). The lower the GWP, the better for the environment. The "K" Series is also available and offers R410A refrigerant (not for sale in California and Washington). 

Consistent with the Amana legacy, these units are even quieter than previous units. The new, improved design reduces operating noises from entering your guest rooms and features an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of 29. With less outside noise transferred into the room, you and your guests will enjoy quieter days and nights! Amana PTAC units are built to last and made in the United States.

The Quiet White color, shallow front and quiet operation of an Amana PTAC will complement any room without being intrusive. Amana PTACs are installed through the wall. The front panel can be fixed to the chassis with a concealed screw. This helps avoid unauthorized tinkering with the unit.

You may notice the new look is missing an access door for the controls. This new series eliminates the user-operated control panel, giving it a sleeker appearance. This re-imagined design does require a wall thermostat for operation. It can be operated with a wired or wireless wall thermostat. With this improved design, Amana PTACs now have integrated Bluetooth and RF operation as well as Eden Energy Management System connectivity, allowing for easier troubleshooting and diagnostics as well as unit setting and configuration time.

In addition to the new design, better EER ratings and overall reputation of Amana PTACs, the standard and advanced features they are known for are all still included. Amana’s advanced condensate dispersion system throws excess condensation onto the outdoor coil for fast evaporation allowing for maximum cooling efficiency with minimum condensate run-off. The built-in 30-second fan-off delay allows for more cooling efficiency, using the unit’s fan to disperse the heated or cooled air into the room after the compressor stops, instead of leaving the conditioned air on the coils.

With Room Freeze Protection, when the unit senses temperatures of 40°F or below, the fan starts, and the electric resistance heat will start to prevent freezing.

Amana had multi-unit installations in mind when creating their PTACs. Out of the box these units can be set up to have temperature limitations giving you control over the maximum and minimum temperatures in the space all while allowing your guest to select any temperature they want. This prevents overheating and over cooling, saving you money. With the added wireless adapter, the unit can be connected to a wireless thermostat and a room occupancy sensor. These allow for automatic setback rules to be created when no motion is detected.

With the RF compatibility and a DigiSmart controller (additional items required, sold separately) you can take full control of all your Amana PTAC units. This system gives you site-wide PTAC configuration options, site wide PTAC diagnostics, a front desk system interface, and email reporting all through an easy-to-use web interface. You can save up to 35% by reducing energy usage with the DigiSmart system!

Easy to access filters on the front of the unit can be cleaned to help keep the air in the room fresh. To ensure the utmost quality, Amana runs tests and leak tests all units at the factory.

New installations require a sleeve and a rear grille. These items are not included with the air conditioner. Fits a standard PTAC Sleeve Size (WxHxD): 42" x 16 1/16" x 14 1/8". The cut-out dimensions for this unit are 42-1/4"w x 16-1/4"h.

All specifications listed are subject to change. 

This model meets the requirements for use in California and Washington.

Overall Dimensions 

Overall Width: 42" x 16
Overall Height: 1/16" 
Overall Depth:14 1/8"

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